Pro Seal Service is the company you need to take care of your parking lot and parking garage maintenance needs.

We specialize in:
*Pavement Markings
*Commercial AND Apartment Property Scheduled Sweeping Services
*Commercial AND Apartment Property Scheduled Washing Services
*Construction Prep and Cleanup Services

We offer quality services and ensure a safe operating environment at all our customer project locations. Pro Pavement Services uses new and updated professional equipment and processes. And more importantly, we are properly insured including workers comp.

Pro Seal Service takes great pride in completing any service required for your parking lot. We keep our customers satisfied with an aesthetically clean and compliant parking lot and parking garage. We know the importance of adding value to your project, achieving customer satisfaction, controlling cost by meeting tight-budget demands and on time service delivery. Your cost will be lower because of our competitive price, and we will work with your team to coordinate our services expeditiously and efficiently. Give Pro Seal Service a call, we would love to talk to you!



parking lot service

Apartments - parking lot/garage
We keep our customers satisfied with a complete and compliant parking lot/parking garage.
Offices - parking lot/garage
We are a professional and reputable company and know the importance of parking lot maintenance.