Pressure Washing


Apartment Scheduled Maintenance

Pro Seal Service offers complete exterior cleaning of your property by pressure washing with hot water to remove dirt, grime, gum, oil, and grease, from all surface areas. This will leave your parking lot looking new!

Cleaning areas include:

Parking lot/Parking Garage
Breezeways, sidewalks, patios, rails, siding, sofits and all surfaces

We use a closed loop recovery technology to ensure strict compliance with regulations governing waste water handling. The collection of waste water from the power cleaning operation is regulated by the EPA. We use vacuums to remove all waste water and properly dispose of it off-site. This is the best cost effective method to improve the look and value of every property. We use commercial surface washing equipment that can clean in tight confined areas. Pro Seal Service offers weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly washing services.

Post- Construction Prep Service

We offer variety of washing methods including high pressure jet water cleaning and high volume low pressure for big surface areas. We will wash parking lot prior to striping to ensure proper paint adhesion. We specialize in washing high traffic areas and large or small construction sites. Pro Seal Service offers weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly washing services.





We specialize in striping any size parking lot.


We offer weekly, monthly and bi-monthly maintenance sweeping services for maintaining an aesthetic and functional parking lot environment.